Saturday, July 30, 2011


I was STRONGLY encouraged, by my parents, to put Lexi in her crib at bedtime. And although I did sneak in a few co-sleeps at the very beginning, I did what I was told to do so by my dad. As a result, Lexi sleeps in her very own bed, every night. She is safe. She is content. And it chaps my butt that my parents were right.

The older girls were allowed to sleep in the "big bed" since they learned what the word "bed" meant. And I didn't discourage it. During the divorce and aftermath, we all needed some comfort at the end of the day. So if one my little girls wanted to crawl in the bed with me and snuggle, I allowed it. I had no problem with it. We snuggled and slept, and faced another day. We survived. We lived another day.

So although I don't think my children will perish by sleeping in the big bed with me, I know there are babies that have. If Trinity or Madison creep into the bed late at night, I will not kick them out. But I will not put Lexi to bed in the "big" bed. At least until she's two.

Loves to snuggle

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Barbara said...

As always, very well put! I know, doesn't it just bug you when he's right...happens here too!