Saturday, July 30, 2011


When Trinity was six years old, we signed her up with The Boys and Girls Club. At the time, it was our only option. Her Dad and I were both working, and she was too old for standard daycare. So we did what we had to do. And it was the best decision we ever made for ALL our lives. The Club is so much more than just a safe place for your child to wait until you can pick them up. They have teachers to help with homework and do art projects. They have activities for every age group, and discipline protocol for those that fall out of line. This past winter, we had actual UT basketball players teaching the kids how to play ball. Not only were they taught how to dribble, but they were also taught about teamwork. The result was a very exciting season between them all.

This spring and summer, the girls have been members of "The Dancing Divas and Dudes" dance team. All the kids have worked very hard on this dance, and the progress they have made since April is beyond amazing. They are putting on a final performance in 11 days (Madison is counting), and the crew needs T-shirts. They held a bake sale all week, and today they had a car wash. The kids were out in the hot sun, scrubbing the cars down, and spraying each other with the hose willy-nilly. They showed some charm to many locals and some gullible tourists. It was a smashing success.

Loves the Boys and Girls Club. And you should too.

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Barbara said...

I DO love the Boys and Girls club, brag about it and it is only charity that I will contribute to. Our children ARE our future!!