Tuesday, July 14, 2009


There are some things in life that make you laugh. At the very least, you'll smile, and that's just as good. Represented here are two things that do just that...

This is my shark cookie jar. It has never held cookies, but that's okay. When you open it's mouth, it plays the theme song to the Jaws movie. Da-Na. Da-Na. Da-Na. You know you know it. It's classic. (On a side note, the Jaws book, which I found in my family's cabin up north one summer, was my very first fiction book). I coveted this cookie jar while I worked at Kohl's, where it was sold. It was presented to me at my going-away party and I have loved it ever since. I LOVE sharks.

This is Cookie Monster. We all know him. Madison was obsessed with Cookie Monster a while back so he was given as a Christmas gift. He is HILARIOUS. When he opens his mouth, he loves cookies, he says hi, and he burps. He always gets lost amongst all the many toys, but everytime he's found, Madison laughs her little butt off. And so do I. We LOVE Cookie Monster.

Livin' on the brighter side of life


Becky said...

I have a picture of you with that shark at your going away party. You have a HUGE smile on your face!!! :)

Mom said...

Pull it out....let's see it!!

Mom said...

You made a true believer of me in Gumby and Pokey...stay flexible and bend when you need to.