Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Even after I cleaned up my laptop keyboard, I was still having problems. Certain keys would work off and on and others required a great deal of pounding on. As an avid blogger, that was just not gonna fly. I cringed at the thought of taking it to a repair shop, not only because of the cost, but because it takes FOREVER to get the thing back. I had some brainiacs at work look at it, but they simply cringed when they saw my home "repair" job. Someone suggested that I simply hook up another keyboard to it, which sounded simple enough. Unfortunately, the only keyboard I had in my possession was from an ancient desktop and the connections wouldn't match up. I tried finding a "newer" keyboard at my local thrift store with no success. Not to be discouraged, I stopped at Staples, thinking that maybe they sold a "middle man" connection that I could use between the "old" and the "new". And I was right!!!! Not only does it connect my keyboard to the laptop, but it connects the mouse too! As you can tell, everything works beautifully. I even have a F9 key again! So although this setup isn't quite as glamorous as most people's, I have no problem being ghetto-fabulous.

High-fivin' (to myself)

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Becky said...

Hey...as long as it works....go with it!! Nice repair job!! :)