Thursday, July 16, 2009


With the lice infestation and keyboard melt down, I'm a little late with my July 4th blog. So here it is...
We spent the day at Sharon's house, my boss from work. There was tons of food, water balloons, and bottle rockets. Once it got dark, the BIG fireworks were brought out, and as you can see, they were almost as tall as Madison. (For the record, Madison INSISTED on wearing the mommy shirt she sponge-arted at Miss Kim's)

Rednecks REALLY do know how to put on a good fireworks show and I was VERY impressed. There was alot of Ohhhh's and Ahhhh's, and only one, quickly extinguished brush fire. All in all, it was a great day, and as I loaded my sleepy girls in the car smelling like gunpowder, I was on team USA all the way.

Fireworks are legal in Tennessee. Take that Wisconsin!!!

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