Friday, April 24, 2009


Everyone I know loves Ramen Noodles. And if they don't, they must be the Anti-Christ. They are ridiculously cheap, super easy to make, and will satisfy hunger pangs at anytime. Tonight they were utilized in a totally new fashion. They stopped a temper tantrum. Yes, yes they did.
Little back ground story...Trinity likes to play with Madison. Trinity likes to BOSS Madison around. Madison has recently learned to stand up to such bossing around, and in this instance flung her flip flops across the room in defiance. Trinity does not take well to being told no by Madison. Trinity proceeded to have a full-fledged (fake) tantrum to express her annoyance. I asked her if she would like to help me make dinner (instead of trying to convince Madison to play with her again, which was really a moot point since Madison had already moved on with her Polly's) and she said yes. So I had her get the proper pan out, and she measured the water, and opened the package. She wasn't allowed anywhere near the stove, since we're still recovering from the latest scissor episode. However I really liked enlisting her help in making dinner (and yes we had a proper meal that included chicken and green beans along with the Ramen Noodles) and she really liked it too. And, most importantly, there were no more tears.

Chicken flavored all the way


PopPop said...

you can't beat Ramen noodles for a quick and cheap meal. And we buy it by the case at Sams club. But only the chicken kind don't even think about buying the shrimp! iccky poo

SillyShelly said...

I have never tried any flavor but chicken. And I never will. GO RAMEN!! Give me a 'R'....