Thursday, April 23, 2009


As you may have gathered, I enjoy working out in the yard. It gets me out in the sunlight and fresh air, and it always ends in play time with the girls. Ever since the lawn mower situation was figured out, I've been tootling around on it every Saturday. The only thorn in my side was the weed-wacking (or weed-eating). The weed-wacker is much to heavy for me, and I have problems getting it started half the time. So although I was able to mow the lawn beautifully, I could not trim it, and it has started to look a little ghetto-ish. With another Saturday looming on the horizon I knew something had to be done. My first thoughts were of 'Who can I ask for help?' and 'Who would actually be free to help me?'. But then it dawned on me! I'm a perfectly capable woman who could get the job done herself, with the proper tool. So off I went and bought a Black n' Decker cordless weed-wacker. It only weighs seven pounds, and has a rechargeable battery. (I did my research and the electric ones, with the cord, are unanimously disliked. "They are a pain in the *ss" quoted one user). I was SOOOOOOO excited when I pulled it out of the box (fully assembled) and I can't wait till Saturday. I'll be the cutest weed-wacker on the block!

My lawn will kick your lawns *ss


PopPop said...

Maybe if you wear a bikini while weed wacking a nice young man will come along and help you out???

Grandma said...

Make sure to have Trinity take a picture with her camera of you playing "Miss Black & Decker" trimming the lawn!