Friday, April 24, 2009


Lets all reminisce for a minute. Remember those carousels that were outside K-Mart and Target? For a quarter, the child in question would be entertained for a good 90 seconds. Straddling a pony or giraffe, they held on, and it was awesome.
For whatever reason, the local Dollar Store has one of these contraptions. And everytime we walk by I'm, asked "Please mommy can we ride it? Please." And everytime I have to say no. Not only because Madison steals any loose change I have, but honestly, I'm in a hurry.

So my two beautiful, lets not forget hoodlum, children created their own.(the wheels on the car turn, for a quarter).

Laughed so hard she had to sit down

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Grandma said...

Wish more kids had imaginations like Trinity and Tinkerbell!