Saturday, March 21, 2009


This weeks Saturday Fun Activity was supposed to be bowling, inspired by a coupon Trinity received from school for a free game. HOWEVER with the recent rainy weather and subsequent warm temperatures, the lawn was screaming out to be cut. To soften the disappointment of the postponement of bowling, I brought out some Play-Doh that I had secretly bought and hid. I am not a Play-Doh supporter at all, I think it's a waste of money that ends up being a mess for me clean up. But I had to do what I had to do.
After explaining the appropriate Play-Doh rules (it stays on the table, in the kitchen at all times, and it must be put back into the little containers when finished) I let them go at it.
Not surprisingly (because these are MY children we're talking about) they did a wonderful job. Not only were they quite imaginative in their creations, but they cleaned up just like I asked.
So although Play-Doh will not be on my next shopping list, I will give it kudos for bringing lots of smiles to the Smith/Schmidt household today.

Desperate times...

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