Saturday, March 21, 2009


Since it had been decided that we were gonna work in the yard today, I told the girls to get dressed, we were spending the day outside. These were the results...

Here is Madison. Although she did good with a pretty spring top, and a sweater (to her mothers delight), she choose a ballerina skirt and her patent leather shoes to complete the outfit. I have no idea where she found those shoes, but I'm sure it was a struggle because I now have shoes strewn all over the house. Everywhere.

Trinity, our Student of the Month, put on this Mommy Shirt for some ungodly reason. She completed the outfit with a pair of turquoise flip-flops with rhinestones, and cherry red lipstick.

Since I'm a mom that knows when to pick her battles, I told them both that they were absolutely beautiful, and then topped it off by taking their pictures. Afterwards I opened the front door and let them go out and play in the sunshine.

Not embarrassed in the least

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