Friday, March 20, 2009


I recently switched from satellite TV to Charter cable. I took advantage of a special offer and was able to get all three services (TV, Internet, and telephone) for less money than it was costing me to have all three separately. Not only that, I now have HIGH SPEED Internet. No more dial-up! No more waiting ten minutes for a picture to download. I can actually surf the net! It's wonderful!

There was only one small glitch. Although the house was wired for cable (living room and all bedrooms) the dining room was not cable ready, and that is where the computer was. The options were either 1.) to have them string the cable across the front of the house and then drill a hole in the brick to get to the dining room, or 2.) set up ANOTHER appointment to have some someone wall-fish it (do it right basically) for over a $100 dollars. Now the money is worth the effort, but I was not keen on having to take ANOTHER day off of work. (I was also quite anxious to get back on-line. I think I was suffering from withdrawals). So I told them to just set the modem up in my bedroom and we'll move it when the time comes (Andrew has already said he'll do the wall-fishing for less).

With that decision being made, I had to set up a temporary "computer area", if you will, in my bedroom since the desk would not fit comfortably. And, actually, it has worked out just fine. I like being in my bedroom (it's my comfort place) and since I don't have a TV in there anymore, I now have an excuse to hang out in there. The girls sort of like it too. I don't usually let them clutter up my room with their stuff, but since they want to be close to me, I've had to be a little lenient with that rule. The other night, as I was computing, Madison set up a Polly castle next to me and Trinity colored on my bed and we giggled together for a good hour.
I love it!

Just high-speeding along


Barbara said...

You giggled for over an hour and NO TV...what a concept! Interacting with your children...not like you don't do a great job at that bowling still on for today?

Oh, and PopPop thanks you for not drilling a hole in the front of his house and having wires showing..I don't think he is ready for our house to look "redneck" yet; at least not until I buy my rocker for the porch.


P.S. And, it is so much fun hearing from you more your writing!

Shell said...

It's good to be back!!