Sunday, February 8, 2009


Trinity insisted on taking a picture of their Little People Castle, which included various Little People and their respective animals (mostly horses, although there is one monkey in the mix), but also Madison's latest obsession, Polly Pockets (she calls them Polly IN THE Pockets), which are featured in the upper right hand tower. The girls actually played together for a good hour together without any fighting or bloodshed, so I was more than willing to feature their Castle on my blog. I am always thrilled to come across the little "play worlds" they create and this was no exception.

Thankful they didn't try to create a moat.

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Barbara said...

Trinity is turning into a great little photographer. I love the effect she got with the sun shining in through the blinds...just that extra little touch to make the picture more realistic. looks like she didn't cut off the tops of anyone's head; the sign of a good photographer. Good job!