Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This picture was taken about a month ago when Uncle Lar-Lar came to visit. I especially like it because although it's a simple candid shot (by Trinity) it showcases her un-contained joy and Larry's shyness.
Yesterday Larry called me with some great news: in these horrible economic times, he managed to score a job at Ober-Gatlinburg (the ski resort in Gatlinburg), making snow for the ski slope. Is it glamorous? Nope. Do the hours suck? Yup, he'll be working 7p.m. to 7a.m. Is this possibly the best thing that could happen to him? Absolutely. He's been looking for a job, literally for months now, and it finally happened. Not only that, but it's a year-round position, which is golden in a tourist town.
I was the first person he called and I could hear the pure happiness in his voice and I was so very proud of him. When I told him so, he turned it around and told me how proud he was of ME, how I manage to work as hard as I do, and still do right by my girls. Which is just like his moment to shine, he wants to share the spotlight.
So here's to you, Larry. Congratulations on your new job! I know you'll do great and I look forward to our next visit when you can tell me all about it. Oh, and I expect some free ski passes.

Future Snow Bunny


Barbara said...

Congrats to Uncle Larry!! And, it really shows how much your girls love him!!


Barbara said...

Oh, and I want you to tell Larry "Thank you" for being such a large part of your "support team" and treating Trinity and Madison like his own while you are so far away from your Wisconsin family. And, you for him. It makes for great friends!!