Monday, February 2, 2009


At about 10:00 this morning, it started to snow. Alot! Sevier County promptly closed down the schools, as expected, and everyone else ran to the closest Krogers to load up on supplies. These include some, if not all, of the following: milk, bread, toilet paper, hamburger meat, beer, and duct tape. I was greatly encouraged to leave work early so that I could pick up the girls and make it home safely before the end of the world. I was hesitant at first, (my budget doesn't include snow days) but in the end I had to agree. It was snowing hard and fast, and actually sticking to the ground. I'm very confident of my driving skills (due partly to my ability at kicking Dad's butt at go-carting) but I DID have back roads to maneuver, and more importantly, I would be carrying precious cargo. So I left, picked up the loves of my life and headed to the house. I drove slowly and responsibly (the girls gave me points for every car that passed me, in fact) and made it home safely. We all enjoyed our afternoon off and Madison only licked the snow off the driveway once.

Starting to have Spring fever

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Barbara said...

Boy, you are really getting hit this winter! I'm so glad you are now driving a safe vehicle...CHANGE THE OIL!!!

Please remind Madison not to lick yellow snow.

Love, Mom