Monday, February 9, 2009


I scored a bunch of little boxes of cereal today from Theresa, who is in charge of group sales at work. She had them left over from a recent convention, along with some yogurt and apples. Incidentally, she has started teaching me the "ins and outs" of group sales (which I would be GREAT at) and she's the President of Team Michele (which is awesome in its own right). Anyway, the girls were quite excited about their little boxes of breakfast fun, and they organized them appropriately in the cupboard. Unfortunately there was only one box of Apple Jacks (Madison's favorite) but she says she'll make due with Fruit Loops (a meltdown cleverly diverted by yours truly.)

Just add milk

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Barbara said...

Get them jobs at Kroger stocking shelves! A little extra money coming in wouldn't hurt.