Monday, February 23, 2009


Now that I'm over my initial tantrum, I can now freely blog about The Great Lice Epidemic. Yes, all kids get them. Yes, I had been expecting my children to follow suit, especially now that they are in school. Yes, I know lice are virtually harmless and the cleanest of rugrats get them. Blah, blah, blah.

What I did not realize is what a pain in the ass it is to get rid of the little buggers.

And we were lucky. The school notified me right away about finding nits in Trinity's hair during a random hair check so that I was able to jump on it quick. In fact, I never did see a live lice bug, just the nits in her hair. Fortunately, me and Madison never even got those. HOWEVER, that didn't change the fact that I had to wash ALL the bedding, ALL the towels, ALL the random clothes laying around, and vacuum the entire house. I did all this in one night, on top of making dinner and doing homework. Oh, and washing our hair with the most disgusting shampoo imaginable. It was like I cooked up some hamburger meat, drained the grease, added Elmers glue, and dumped it on their precious little heads. At least it didn't smell bad, although that was a small compensation. It took numerous shampoos to get the medicated shampoo out. It literally fried our hair.

Don't get me started on the pathetic comb they give you with the shampoo. It's useless and a waste of plastic. I had to literally pull the nits out of Trinity's hair, with my fingernails, one by one. She was a good sport about the entire business though. When I showed her one of the nits, she exclaimed how cute the little bug egg was. I could only shake my head, and dive in for another one.

We never did never figure out where Trinity got them from, although their little neighbor friend Makala was a suspect for a minute (I personally checked her head, and she was fine). I guess in the end it doesn't even matter. Lice is just a part of growing up like pink-eye, cavities, and bruises. Just please Lord, don't give us any broken bones.

Bug Free

**Pictures once again contributed by Trinity.


Barbara said...

Why do the girls have their heads on Santa Claus?

SillyShelly said...

It was given to me by Candra, who is in the process of moving and giving away all her stuff. It's not just ANY Santa. It's a remote control Tennessee Vol Santa who has a serving tray on his head.

I can't resist anyhing free. Obviously.