Friday, September 26, 2008


All these years I had a hidden talent I wasn't even aware of. I can make balloon animals. This uniquie gift was brought to our attention one night when we ran out of butter. So off we went to the closest store which happens to be a gas station, which happens to sell cheap toys for children (imagine that). Scoping out the revolvong rack, Trinity came across a package of balloons, complete with a minature pump. Since it wasn't another cheap jump rope or plastic toy phone, I said yes when the pleading began. And then the magic started. As soon as we got home, Trinity pumped her little heart out while I created animal after animal. It was a balloon frenzy. Soon we had a Noah's Ark floating around our living room. By far the favorite was a pink dog, which was aptly named Skills, in honor of my new-found skills of creating something out of nothing.

My dog can kick your dogs A**

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