Saturday, September 27, 2008


Along with the Old Maid cards mentioned in a previous post, we also received word flash cards. Now these cards probably WOULD have been helpful had they not also had PICTURES to coincide with the words. For example, one card read "Tree". Right above the word "Tree" was a picture OF a tree. Not only are these cards not very helpful with teaching words, they encouraged Trinity to cheat by simply looking at the picture. Trinity does not any need help in board game cheating since she's getting quite good at it (except for checkers). So although the cards aren't being used for what they were originally made for, they do work well for a wacky version of Memory, made up by two very creative and goofy children.

A picture says a thousand words


Barbara said...

Guess, they weren't the best flash cards....what do you expect from the $ store. Hey, at least they were creative enough to come up with a matching game! That's what I like....making them use their minds!

P.S. First you learn to cheat at games and then you realize it isn't worth it. She'll learn.

Barbara said...

I like your new music!