Friday, May 14, 2010


Since I am the best ex-wife ever, I took my ex-mother-in-law to the Titanic with us. My free pass was for four people anyway, and I didn't see the harm in making her day. She is the girls grandmother after all. And to be honest, it was nice watching her enjoy herself, and we had a very nice time.

Afterwards, she bought us dinner at Cracker Barrell, which is a country sit-down restaurant that the girls love and will actually eat at. Outside they have rockin' chairs for sale, which I think mostly get used by people waiting for their loved ones to get out of the bathroom. They also have a checker board set up, which reminds me of the girls' OTHER grandmother, who bought the take-home version and taught Trinity how to play. Trinity 'taught' Madison how to play, and they also had a very nice time.

Sometimes it pays to be nice

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Barbara said...

I am still so glad that I bought that checker set for the girls. It really does hold a special spot in my heart....that I could be the one to teach Trinity and now she has taught Madison. It's amazing how one gift just keeps on "giving".