Friday, February 26, 2010


This Friday's One-on One belonged to me and Trinity. So after eating our usual pizza for dinner, I asked her what she wanted to do. Her answer was "Yatzee!!". She had asked to play a couple times before, but we always had Madison to consider. And although Madison is getting the hang of UNO (I think she likes all the pretty colors), I don't think she quite has the patience for Yatzee yet. Since tonight it was just me and Trinity, Yatzee was a great idea.

After explaining the rules and rolling out a few examples, we were ready to play. Not only did Ttrinity win her very first Yatzee game, she CREAMED me, 357 to 168. And then she did it again, 460 to 280! In the second game she rolled THREE Yatzees. It was sort of insane.

We had the best time playing and cheering each other on, and Trinity insisted on taking a picture of her winning score card and my losing one. It was simply a great night.

Wants a re-match!

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