Friday, January 29, 2010


When there's even a HINT of snow, Pigeon Forge goes into complete panic, survival mode. The schools shut down, stores close early, and everyone runs to the grocery store for necessities (milk, bread, toilet paper, and beer). This time was no different. However, I have totally lucked out. Since I'm working the day shift (by myself, I may add) for the next two days, I have been offered a condo to stay in for the weekend.

Here's the view from my balcony when I arrived. No sooner had I unpacked and got my computer set up, I was looking at this....

The snow is coming down fast and hard. It's been predicted that we're going to get up to eight inches. And honestly, I hope we do. I am warm and cozy and looking forward to a dip in the jacuzzi. I've got books, my computer, and cable TV. When I wake up tomorrow, I can simply walk to work. And if I get bored, I can always prank call the front desk.

Living the life (this weekend)

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Barbara said...

Ah, just a "dusting" compared to Wisconsin standards.