Thursday, January 28, 2010


When it comes to my blog, I'm pretty good about getting them out in a timely manner, especially when there's a special event involved. For some reason I've dragged my feet with Trinity's Special Happy Birthday Message blog. Maybe because when I actually finish it, then it will be true. Trinity is seven years old. SEVEN. Next comes eight, then twelve, then sneaking out of the house to meet her boyfriend who's in a rock band. I just can't wrap my mind around it. But there it is. SEVEN

And what an amazing seven year old she is. Everything Trinity does, she masters with ease. From sports to books, there doesn't seem to be much that this girl can't do. She's an awesome cheerleader, friend, and big sister. I get more and more proud of her everyday. So here's to you, my baby girl. I love you more than words can ever say. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

I love you, Trinity

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Barbara said...

Yes, our Trinity is a "one-of-a-kind" go-getter, never to be stopped bundle of energy. All wrapped up in a beautiful little girl.

We love you honey!

Grandma and PopPop