Saturday, November 21, 2009


I don't really have a sweet tooth. As a rule, I prefer my snacks to be salty. Popcorn, tortilla chips, and Fun-yuns are my favorites. Believe it or not, I'd rather have a hand full of peanuts than a Hershey Bar. With that being said, I have been known to devour certain candies. Good n' plenty is one, for sure. Sour Patch kids for another. However, nothing beats a handful of Smarties. Maybe it's a childhood thing. I remember me and my sister unrolling all the rolls we were given (or snuck), dividing them up by colors, and fighting over the orange ones. Theyr'e just the perfect amount of sugar, easy to carry around, AND so very rainbowy pretty.

When I moved to Tennessee I couldn't seem to find them anywhere, so Mom made it her own personal mission to make sure I didn't go without. Every care package she sends me to this day, includes Smarties, to the girls delight. They love them just as much as I do, and have given them an even better name. Mommy Candy.

The latest delivery contained a THREE pound bag of Smarties. THREE POUNDS. Which is beyond awesome and will certainly last us awhile. As an added bonus, we also received four rolls of GIANT Mommy Candy. As you can see, they are ten times bigger than the regular roll. And ten times more fun to eat. I nibble on them like a little mouse, while the girls devour them whole. They are spectacular!!

Has a candy named after her. Ha!

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Mom said...

My pleasure....along with sending the Mrs. Grass soup too!!