Thursday, October 22, 2009


My girls are M&M fanatics. At every store, gas station, and red light, they ask for M&M's. I don't usually indulge their request so as not to enable their addiction. But if I'm going to be honest, a pack of M&M's dries up tears quick and brings a smile even faster.

During a visit from Grandma and Popop, I was presented with a THREE POUND bag of M&M's. I immediately hid it away to prevent any imminent chocolate overdoses. Several months later, in a cleaning frenzy, I came across the bag of chocolate goodness and decided it was time to dole it out. Slowly.

Tonight our M&M addicts were given wee little cups of chocolate delights. They scampered off, happy as could be. They played nicely the rest of the night, and then promptly fell asleep when I turned off the lights. Who knew M&M's were the answer to my prayers?

A chocolate dope dealer

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Mom said...

I would not be without my M & M's.
I just discovered the Stawberried Peanut Butter ones.....OMG!