Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is Kenny, one of my greatest friends. I've known, and worked with him, for many years. He's hilarious and he dresses like Santa at Christmas, which is a bonus. Our day-to-day conversations usually consist of us giving each other sh*t. I usually focus on his lame wardrobe, while he makes fun of my hair. On this particular day, he had just gotten back from having some skin cancer (benign) removed from his scalp. He had a bandage wrapped around his head and was VERY doped up. I made a wisecrack that he looked like he belonged in the Special Olympics, which I know is not politically correct, but was so very funny. He counter-attacked that I looked like a lesbian stewardess in my work uniform. That is why I love my Kenny. He'll take my sassy mouth and give it right back.

Likes having friends


Mom said...

And GREAT friends are wonderful to have. I know that I am so grateful for mine.

Poirier Family said...

Yes having great friends makes the world go round!!!