Friday, September 18, 2009


Sitting on the front porch this evening, I realized that the outside garage light had been left on. Illumianted by the light, I was able to see a huge spider web that had been built on the corner of the house. Upon closer inspection of the web, I saw the mammoth spider that lived there. Now, I'm not very sqeamish when it comes to bugs. I usually follow the whole "live and let live" theory. In fact, it's my understanding that spiders in the home are considered good luck. But since this particular spider was OUTSIDE and lookded suspiciously like a brown recluse (poisonous), I took matters in my own hand and knocked him and his web down. I then proceeded to beat him senseless with the broom.

Good riddance

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Anonymous said...

Good job......I would have given him a few good sprays of Raid even if he was dead. You never know when they may rise for another day. In fact if I were you, I would check to see if the body is still there. You've watched enough of those movies to know that.....Freddie Kruger????