Friday, September 18, 2009


Today, Madison brought home a really cute mirror decorated like a circus tent, complete with an elephant. On the way to school she had rambled on about Friday being "Prize Day" at school. I don't know all the details, but from my understanding, if the kids have enough "Tiger Paws" by the end of the week, they can pick a prize. ("Tiger Paws" are given for good behavior, completed homework, etc.) So Madison choose this mirror. At first I thought she had picked it for the cuteness factor, but then the show began. For a good half and hour, as we waited in traffic to pick up Trinity, she gazed in her mirror and sang song after song to herself. She did an awesome rendition of the "Wheels on the Bus..", along with other childhood classics. Not only was her little concert hilarious, but it reinforced the fact that Madison is pure entertainment.

Her little girl is the fairest of them all


Anonymous said...

We have to teach her some new songs; heck, I think we need to hire a voice coach, talent agent and personal assistant. It's our duty....she could be the next Annie!

Grandma said...

Oh, sorry.....I'm "Anonymous" for today, I guess.