Tuesday, September 8, 2009

OH MY GOD!!!!!

I arrived home tonight (thankfully without the children) to a gruesome scene. There were body parts scattered everywhere.

Apparently some time today, the feline monstrosities that live in my home, got their evil claws into Polly the Pocket. They ripped her to shreds. I don't know what she did to entice such an attack, but it was brutal. These are the only parts I could find.

I quickly hid the evidence and disciplined the culprits.

Please don't tell Madison about this Polly.


Mom said...

You realize THAT will be the one she will be looking for.....

Poirier Family said...

OMG!! You made my eyes water with that one. You are too funny. Just what I needed!!!

Mom said...

Are you going to come home and find me like that someday....body pieces scattered and/or missing? And what about poor Snickers!

I think we need to rethink this cat thing!