Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm a firm believer in birthdays. They are to be celebrated. And in any celebration, there should be cake. For Madison's fifth birthday we went totally ghetto-redneck style. I baked a cake and the girls decorated it.

They were very excited to have full access to the frosting.

I believe more was eaten than put on the cake.

The look on Trinity's face sums it up.

She saw you sneaking some frosting

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Grandma said...

That's what making your own birthday cake is all about...mixing the batter, watching it bake, frosting and decorating it!! I still say the homemade cakes truly celebrate a birthday the right way. John had homemade cupcakes for his birthday that we frosted and decorated and we had a blast!! Leave the WalMart cakes at WalMart!