Saturday, August 22, 2009


A very good family frind, Hal, came over to fix my A/C this week. While he was here, Trinity asked if he had any tools. When he said yes, she asked him if he would take the training wheels off her bike, and with my permission, he did. In my head I was invisioning various cases of road rash or broken bones. But once again they (or should I say she) proved me wrong.

She rode off, with just a little hesitation. She didn't crash even once. It was awesome. It took a few days for her to gain confidence with the pedals, but now we have a full-fledged bike rider in the family.

I'm not much of a rule kinda person. However, I DO enforce the important ones. Take your shoes off when you walk into the house. Put your dirty clothes in the hamper. When you're done eating, put your plate in the sink. The girls follow these rules, and many more. Now we have a new rule. They must put on their helmet and shoes before they ride their bikes. It's a rule I have no problem enforcing because not only do they not mind, but it keeps all heads intact.

Trinity can ride a bike (mom-sob-sigh)


Mom said...

Good for Trinity....this little girl is really ready to try it all, isn't she? Love the rules. Just one question, flip-flops don't count as "shoes" when riding, do they?

Poirier Family said...

Way to GO GO GO Trinity!!!