Monday, August 24, 2009


About two weeks ago, the Mystery Plant finally keeled over from his own weight. He laid there next to the shed while I visited with my sister, and while I was obsessed with the first days of school. He laid there until Hal, after taking Trinity's training wheels off, chopped him free. I dragged his corpse across the back yard to the back porch stairs and propped him up for his final picture.

Hal declared him to be a Polk Salad plant. I forgot to ask if that was a hillbilly term or not because I was laughing too much. POLK SALAD! All along I was hoping for a pretty name, something that included the words 'sun' or 'berry' or basically anything else. But POLK SALAD??

In this house it was a MAGIC BEAN STALK

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Mom said...

Oh my gosh....they have a Polk Salad Association! They have a festival every year with a talent show, Mom of the Year contest, Miss Polk Salad's in May and next year we will be there!!