Thursday, August 27, 2009


Theresa was cleaning out the banquet hall kitchen at work the other day, and as she wizzed by she asked me if I wanted a can of green beans. I automatically said yes, as I do to all things free, and plus me and the girls love green beans. This what she brought me...

...A SIX pound can of green beans. SIX pounds! We barely finish a 14oz can between the three of us for dinner. What the heck am I gonna do with SIX pounds of green beans???

Any suggestions?
(And no, I will not make a green bean casserole--Ick!)


Poirier Family said...

WOW!! SIX pounds what are you going to do??? I wish I could help but I can't think of anything but casserole

Mom said...

Gee, you got me there.....maybe you could donate them to your church or to a school for their lunch program. Or, give Madison a BIG fork!

Becky said...

Too bad we don't live could invite my clan over and we could polish that big ol can off in no time!!!