Monday, August 31, 2009


Trinity cheered at her first football game on Saturday and it was a hoot! The cheerleaders did awesome and the Tiger Grasscutters won the game! One of my favorite parts was in the beginning of the game when all the players were introduced and they ran through the line of cheerleaders to bust through the big Tiger sign. Hilarious!!

(The picture is really dark because a huge storm was brewing overhead but it thankfully passed us by.)

I will admit that I spent most of the game watching Trinity. And I was, as always, impressed. She had the nice tight arms and loud voice. She didn't fidget between cheers and kept a smile on her face the entire time.

(Trinity is third from the right, in the back row)

All the girls did a wonderful job and it was alot of fun sitting with the other parents. I've made a few Mom/Dad-Friends in this process, which is really cool. We're already talking about getting some awesome tye-dyed orange T-shirts to sport at the games.

Loves team spirit!

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Poirier Family said...

She looks so cute. Seeing that makes me wish I had another kid!!! I don't think Josh will let me dress him like that!!