Sunday, July 19, 2009


Since the girls aren't here, you'll have to make due with ANOTHER blog about the kittens. Sorry.
I have learned a thing or two with having two baby animals. It really IS like raising a child, in a sense. They need food and water. And love and attention is an absolute must.
But, here lately, I've had to give out a few spankings.

Ginger likes to climb. And climb she does. Up the couch, down the bed. She even climbed up my leg one day, which I fully encouraged and found hilarious.
Then Ginger climbed the custom made drapes in the living room. CHIFFON curtains, no less. I immediately yanked her off and swatted her little butt so hard she yelped. She hasn't done it since.

Co-Co is a little more low-key. She doesn't climb, but she's sneaky. She materializes out of nowhere, silently, looking at you. She hides, and then just when you think you know where she is, she's in some other obscure location.
Then Co-Co kept trying to creep into the fireplace, which is of course unlit, but still. I spanked her behind, hard. And she hasn't done it since.

I'm not a hard ass by no means. I don't want to discourage anyone or anything from being themselves, ever. In fact, as I'm writing this, Ginger is trying to climb a kitchen chair and Co-Co is sneaking around in my closet. Perfectly a-okay with me. However, we do have SOME rules around here. And they will be followed. By everyone.

Don't make me get a paddle out

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Mom said...

Hey, spankings never hurt anyone....I know you got your share when you were little and look how wonderful, well-adjusted and great mommy you have become...of children AND kittens!