Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The kittens are doing great. They poop and pee in the litter box, and Trinity, unexpectedly, is all about scooping it out. They're eating dry food, and have started to purr when they're happy, which is music to my ears.
They have also started developing their own personalities....

Co-Co is the more timid one. I think she may have been the runt. She's very tiny, and can be very needy. She's a cuddle-bug and likes to snuggle, but she will let you know when she's unhappy. She's matched up perfectly with Madison.

Ginger is the feisty one. She loves to play, constantly. She's the one that chases my toes as I walk through the house. She's fearless and fun, and will ultimately be the troublemaker, just like Trinity.

Either way, they both have found their place in our little family. We love them.

Has FOUR babies now.

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Poirier Family said...

Love the pic with the kitten coming out of the doll house. Glad to hear everything is working out well for the little ones.