Tuesday, May 12, 2009


When I peeked my head outside to see what the girls were up to, I had a pleasant surprise. The girls had taken it upon themselves to rake up some of the freshly mowed grass. Although I wasn't too happy to see one of my storage containers turned into a lawn bag (not pictured), I couldn't rightfully complain. They were just trying to help Mommy out, and they did it all on their own. Maybe next time they'll wash my car!

You missed some over there!!

P.S. Note the footwear...Trinity has her water shoes on, while Madison is sporting her snow boots


Grandma said...

I think the footwear is very stylish. Of course they didn't wear their flip-flops. They would have had freshly-mowed grass stuck between their toes!
This isn't their "first rodeo", you know!

SillyShelly said...

You're so right! Madison wouldn't wear her boots this morning (she's been wearing them for DAYS) because they had grass on them. I swear...the drama!