Monday, May 11, 2009

A BIRDS NEST (and I'm not talking about Trinity's hair)

This past Sunday afternoon Madison had a mini-meltdown and proceeded to pout under the patio furniture on the back deck. When I crawled underneath the table to coax her back out, I noticed this! A birds nest! And what a birds nest it is! Not only is it an unlikely place (underneath a patio chair), but it is one SOLID piece of work. I was hesitant to touch it because I didn't want to dislodge it from its "perch", but its seriously not going anywhere. I had Trinity slowly reach in to see if there was anything in it, and she discovered FOUR little eggs. Bright blue, almost aqua, eggs. I don't have any pictures of the eggs (yet), because I didn't want them manhandled after their initial discovery. Plus the view from above was blocked by the seat of the chair. If anyone has any ideas on what sort of bird may have built this nest, we would looove to know. And we'll keep you posted on any birdy activity.

Ruffling her feathers


Grandma said...

So, you're "back up" or did you write this before your internet crashed?

It DOES look very solid. Can you imgagine all the work that must have gone into that? All those twigs carried for miles. Only a mother would do all that!!!

Isn't nature wonderful!

Poirier Family said...

My mother a few years ago came across a nest with blues eggs and they were Robins. So you might have Robins??

PopPop said...

I think it's a blue footed boobie!

SillyShelly said...

I think YOUR a blue footed boobie!

Grandma said...

I thought blue eggs meant a Robin too but a Robin is not a small bird. Looks a little cramped for a bird of that size; unless they make Robins smaller in Tennessee or you have a nest of "Little People" Robins!