Saturday, May 9, 2009


For whatever reason, I love taking pictures of my children while they are sleeping. Maybe it's the peaceful silence. Maybe it's the fact that everyone survived the day and is home, safe in their beds. Either way, I love my sleeping children.

Here is Madison. Asleep in MY bed, although I will never complain. She used to be quite the kicker, but has since turned into the best snuggle buddy ever. Note the pink penguins that she took to bed with her.

Here is Trinity. Asleep in her own bed, and sweating up a storm, as usual. She's a hot, heavy sleeper. She sleeps like the dead and when she's down, she's down. There ain't no waking this one.

Will sleep peacefully too

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Grandma said...

They look soooooooo innocent, don't they?