Sunday, April 5, 2009


We have lost someone very dear to our hearts...the Gumby Salt Shaker, or The Salt Man, as the girls call him. Suddenly one day he wasn't in his usual spot on the kitchen counter, diligently protecting the sugar canister with his cohort Pokey. We looked everywhere for him...under couch cushions, in the toy boxes, all kitchen cabinets. I even dug through days old garbage, thinking he may have been accidentally thrown away. I had visions of finding him at the bottom of the bag, covered in ramen noodles, but otherwise unharmed.

As you can see, Pokey is VERY upset(he wouldn't even look at the camera). Him and Gumby have been together almost eighteen years now. They've survived countless moves and always held court in whatever kitchen they ended up in. Even little kids rough hands couldn't break them. If Gumby is not found, and soon, Pokey will never be the same. And neither will I.

Has lost one of her treasures :(
(And has no salt)

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Barbara said...

Did you check the refrigerator or in between all those dried flowers you have? The patio? The garage? The laundry room? Poor Pokey!

Have you called in the authorities? Any ransom notes or parts of his body arriving in the mail?

Cripes! I keep picturing him walking down Sparks Lane. Do you think he ran away from home? Okay, who yelled at him?