Monday, April 6, 2009


Although I had only blogged about my missing friend yesterday, he had been gone for several days. I was quite broken-hearted, but never gave up hope that he would return to us safely. Many searches were conducted and I wracked my tired brain in an effort to think where in the world he could possibly be. He was joyously found in the laundry room, on a closet shelf. I was casually coming in from the garage and happened to look up, and there he was, in all his glory. I screamed in pure joy. I really did.

As you can see, he was prompty reunited with his partner in crime, Pokey. Words cannot express how happy I am that he was found. After I showed "The Salt Man" to the girls and the cheers quieted down, Trinity, with her six year old wisdom, said to me, "See what happens, Mommy, when you don't give up hope".

Has a big stupid grin on her face

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Barbara said...

Just look at him standing on that shelf with his hands on his hips like he owns the place....never mind that he put you through emotional turmoil, we may be the owners of a new set of salt and pepper shakers thanks to Ebay, and that you ripped apart the whole house looking for him.
I bet he sat (stood since he can't sit) and just watched and listened and enjoyed the whole show. I think you should throw him to the wolves (Trinity and Madison)!