Friday, March 27, 2009


I don't consider myself a Pack Rat, but I have been known to hold on to those certain things I hold dear. I have a jewelry box that Dad gave Mom back in the day; I kept the hospital bracelets from when I gave birth (both of them); a small corner in my home consists of dry flowers, some 15 years old. I love my treasures, and would be devastated to lose any of them.

And Madison loves hers.

She asked me a while ago for a treasure box, and since I didn't have anything appropriate (treasure boxes must be special themselves) I thought I'd start her out with a Treasure Drawer (this particular drawer swings open unlike a typical drawer). It was officially declared Madison's Treasure Box.
I recently peeked into it and this what I saw....

* 4 lipsticks
* Her piggy bank
* Her hair bow from the dance recital (sigh)
* Christmas stickers
* A very pretty play purse
* Two rings of mine in a teeny tiny box (sigh again)
* Gum and fruit snacks

Although it was mostly stuff you would find laying around the house at any given time, I think she GETS it. She saved her dance hair bow because she loved being in dance class and wants to go back. She put my rings in a little box to keep them safe. Everything in that drawer means something to her. And I love that. I've always believed it's the little things that matter in life and that's why I've held on to my own keepsakes. They're memories of special times and cherished people, and I hold all of them dear to my heart.

Madison is doing the same.


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