Friday, March 27, 2009

GIMMEE A "T"!!!!....

Today I signed Trinity up for Cheerleading. It was the one activity she has been the most consistent about doing and so we're gonna go for it. I thoroughly enjoyed cheerleading growing up, and was also pretty good at it, so maybe, hopefully Trinity will inherit SOMETHING from me (even those dimples are from Daddy). I know it will be a lot of time in the car shuffling her here and there, sitting in cold bleachers, and basically giving up any semblance of a social life for myself, but it's all for a greater good (just look at that smile). I'm sure I'll cry the first time she's out on that field doing an awesome half time routine.

Those Tiger Midgets better kick some *ss!

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Barbara said...

What are you doing.....sitting on that really love that fast internet, don't you? We are reading one of your entries and up pops another...we love it!