Thursday, February 19, 2009

The other day we stopped at the Good Hope Thrift Store, and as always we scored some great deals. I found several books (Thank God, since I'm banned from all local libraries), and a beautiful Calvin Klein sweater for a dollar. Trinity got some shirts and a pair of "cozy pants" (sweatpants). Madison, my little scavenger, dived into the toy section and emerged with a "new" castle for her Polly in the Pockets. For a QUARTER!

As you can see, the Polly's have made themselves at home, and the horses even have their own room. Everyone is beyond happy. This castle has provided endless hours of imaginative fun for the entire household. Even Trinity has jumped on the Polly bandwagon. Finally.

God bless a good thrift store, where endless treasures can be found.

Bargain-hunter extraordinaire

**Pictures provided by Trinity LeeAnne Smith

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Barbara said...

I'll take Madison shopping with me anytime....the little "bargain hunter". A well-deserved treat and fun time after dealing with the vermin infestation.