Saturday, October 25, 2008


Well, Grandma and Popop's visit has come to an end all too soon. Although we didn't do anything very exciting (touristy) it was a joy having them here. I had to work every day, and the girls had school, so the Grandparents were left to their own devices during the day.
Many things were accomplished during this visit, however. The Master Bedroom is now fully furnished with beautiful furniture and bedding. Popop's talent with a hammer was properly utilized to put posters and pictures on the walls. Halloween decorations went up everywhere and anywhere. They even squeezed in a visit to Eric, my God Father.

Most importantly, they got down and dirty with the day-to-day living of two little girls and their single mom. Many stories were read, tantrums held, and hugs given. I personally enjoyed having an extra set of hands around, not to mention adult conversations and hot coffee. Their presence accomplished more than they will ever realize.

Had two playing for team Michele for a week


Barbara said...

We were more thant happy to play on Michele's "team" for a week. She has her hands full especially in the mornings when trying to get herself and Trinity and Madison up, fed, dressed, brushed and out the door on time....especially when it take Madison 10 minutes just to stretch after she wakes up! Wish we could do it more!

Love, Mom and Dad

P.S. And, she may feel overwhelmed at times and think she is not doing enough or doing things right....but, she is truly a great mommy!!

Barbara said...

Shelly, you may want to rearrange your photos and words....some of the words are getting knocked off or dropped.