Saturday, October 11, 2008


Brooke, who has two daughters (Karina and Holly) the exact same ages as my two, invited us to go horseback riding Saturday. Although my heart was set on doing laundry, off we went to Triple Creek Stables. And what a day we had.

Trinity rode all by herself, despite my anxiety level. I had visions of her horse either throwing her off or crushing her little skull with its gigantic hooves. But she did sooo good. She got scared at one point when the horse in front of hers kicked out and made her horse jump a little, but she rallied and kept going. She learned how to use the reins to keep the horse from stopping and eating. And she hung on tight when the horses galloped. She's my little cowgirl.

Madison rode with me on a beautiful horse named Harley. He was very gentle and patient and Madison even held the reins at one point.

We rode up and down the mountainside and through the woods. It was a beautiful day with even more beautiful Tennessee scenery. And everyone survived. Nobody was trampled to death, or even stepped in horse poop. We'll definately be doing this again.

Sore in places she didn't know she still had

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Barbara said...

Oh my gosh! What a wonderful time you must have had and Madison looks so happy!

You're a great MOM!!!