Friday, September 12, 2008


When Grandma and PoPop came to visit this summer they brought some super-sonic bubbles with them. These bubbles were made of Teflon and literally did not pop. The yard was littered with them (even the grass didn't pop them) and the girls had a field day. Trinity tried to get as many as she could on her nose and I think Madison believed she was in a fairy land for a moment. Even I, who could give or take bubbles, thought they were especially cool, and although they left sort of a goopy mess in the girls hair, they were worth every minute of fun. (Just check out those smiles)

Can't pop me now


Barbara said...

They really were especially fun!

Can't wait to get back there in October!


Barbara said...

I have to agree....that was the best fun ever. I remember not only the smiles but the giggles. They were worth every penny and more or should I say dollar...gotta love that dollar store!!

"Entertainment and Fun Does Not Have to Break the Bank"