Friday, September 12, 2008


Once again my kitchen sink is on the fritz. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the garbage disposal. I'm not sure what's wrong with him, but every so often he just won't co-operate. In fact, he spits the remnants of dinner back at me. I'm new to the usage of a garbage disposal, but I do know the basics...always run the water when it's turned on...don't put chicken wings down it...and so on. Larry, my adorable ex-brother-in-law, suggested that there must be something stuck down in the pipes, say a beer bottle (being funny) or tampon (being gross). Although I appreciated the humor, it wasn't helpful. Nor was my plunger, which broke into two pieces mid-plunge. A gallon of Liquid-Plunger made a little leadway, but did not fix the problem. The sink had drained by the next morning but filled right back up when I tested it. I'm thinking (hoping) that I simply put too much food down it at one time (that will teach me to clean the fridge of all left-overs) and he needs some time to digest. So today I am armed with a brand new plunger and bottle of Liquid-Plunger and totally expect to win this battle.

Once dated an Electrician, but sadly never a Plumber


Barbara said...

Oh dear, we may need a plumber to finally get to the bottom of this problem. Keep us posted.


You should have married the electrician; they make good money even if they don't know much about pipes.

SillyShelly said...

The electrician was already married.

Just Kidding!!! :)