Sunday, August 17, 2008


I was grocery shopping the other day and all the outdoor summer toys were on clearance (You GOTTA love Krogers) and down at the bottom of the pile was another Big Beach Ball. I instantly snatched it up, knocking several children to the ground :) The girls FINALLY cleaned their room (more on that later), so we blew her up with the air pump that Popop so thoughtfully left behind. Trinity instantly tried to balance herself on top of it, with the help of her little sister.

Full of hot air


Barbara said...

Wonderful!! But, really, you did not need to knock little children down to get it but I would have done the same. Ok, so now keep it away from barbed wired fences and tell Trinity we will get her to balance when we come in October.

Love, Grandma

P.S. Love Tinkerbell's Art!!

Barbara said...

Your new blog "design" is turning out quite nice and I'm having fun redesigning the polka-dots.

So, how did you get them to clean their room and avoid being banished to the garage!