Thursday, July 24, 2008


Well, I turned on all the lights at dusk and waited for the magic of solar power to begin. Which it did. It was sort of hard to capture the true essence of the lights because the flash on my camera kept over powering them (I tried turning the flash off but then it looked like I was taking a picture of a flock of lightening bugs).
So although you can't tell by the picture, the lights are actually very pretty and give the house a homey feeling.

A/C Update....Still not working right. It started to cool down some last night (down to to 78) but it was sounding strange this morning. I turned it off again. The consensus is that there is a problem with the duct work in the attic and the cool air is simply not getting into the house. Apparently there will be a professional here Saturday to take a look. So all the windows are open and the fans are on. It's really not that bad. With all the storms lately it's actually cooled down some. And who doesn't like fresh air?

I was hanging out in "Popop's and Grandma's" room working on down loading the light pictures when I noticed a bird in the feeder in the back yard. I wasn't sure at first since it was yellow and black (like the feeder) but sure enough, there was a very pretty bird indulging himself. He's on the right hand side in the picture. I think maybe that you can click on the picture and enlarge it (make it full screen and REALLY see him) Anyway, he made a piggy of himself all evening long, and hopefully he'll tell some friends where dinner is at and we'll get to enjoy the show.

In charge of Bird Central,

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