Friday, July 1, 2011


Here is Lexi, my most wonderful baby. She greets me with a pretty smile every morning, no matter what. She was an unexpected, but much needed addition to my life. I can't imagine what I did without her.

This is Trinity, my oldest. She's the athlete and scholar all wrapped in one dimpled package. She excels at everything. And she looks like me, which is an added bonus.

Madison is my little dreamer. She sees the sparkle in everything and anything, big or small. She adds the glitter to life that we all need. She'll be famous some day.

There were times when it was thought I would never have children. But here I stand with three beautiful girls. Each one is as diferent as the next, but they are more alike then they would like to admit. What I love is that each one has a little bit of the best of me in her.

We will conquer the world

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Barbara said...

I couldn't agree more and cannot wait until we get there to share them with you!